1. What are mink lashes?

Mink lashes are premium false lashes that are lighter and more flexible then conventional synthetic lashes. They are naturally glossy, curled and tapered to perfection and will give you a soft, natural, glamorous look. They are also much easier to apply than regular eyelash extensions. Unlike semi-permanent, eyelash extensions that must be applied by a trained and certified specialist, KEI BEAUTY  Mink Lashes can be quickly and easily self-applied.  They  are carefully handmade from 100% natural mink fur and can be worn up to 25 times. The mink hair is gently brushed from the live mink and sterilized to ensure that they are hypo-allergenic.  KEI BEAUTY Mink Lashes are cruelty-free and there is no harm done to the minks. Also, mink hair is free from any sort of chemical processing and dye which allows for an extremely soft, lightweight, and natural look.


2. What is the difference between synthetic and mink eyelashes?

The defining difference between mink lashes and synthetic lashes is their superior quality. Mink fur is naturally shiny, flexible to movement, light as a feather, holds a wonderful curl, and can be worn up to 25 times. The result is long, lush lashes that are not only comfortable to wear but also beautifully stunning. Synthetic eyelashes may be less expensive but are often stiff and uncomfortable, look fake and unnatural when worn, and can only be used a few times. Mink eyelashes are considered a premium product when compared to synthetic false lashes. 

3. How long does it take to apply mink lashes?

With a little practice, applying your KEI BEAUTY Lashes will be super easy. In less than 5 minutes you can have the lashes you have always dreamed of.

4. Can I apply mascara to mink lashes?

Applying mascara to your lashes can shorten the lifespan and ruin the mink hair. If you wish to wear mascara, simply apply a light coat to your natural lashes before applying your KEI BEAUTY Mink Lashes.

5. How do I store my mink lashes?

Caring and storing your KEI BEAUTY Mink Lashes properly will maximize the life of your lashes.  After wearing them, carefully remove all the adhesive, clean them with a eyelash adhesive remover and store them back in the original casing. This will keep your lashes from growing bacteria and collecting dust